About Us

Time to Sign Sports puts the Student-Athlete first by providing the stage to demonstrate your athletic skills and academic abilities. Wherever that stage is, Time to Sign Sports knows who the audience is and who is watching you. The athletic side of the equation is critical, but so are the academic, social, and financial concerns.
The combination of your on-field and classroom talent, and our accurate assessment, guidance, knowledge, experience, and professional relationships will dramatically improve your chances of reaching the ultimate goal – playing ball in college.

Time to Sign Sports, Inc. arms all Student-Athletes and their families with the tools necessary to navigate the complicated (and often confusing) recruiting process. Our customized and personalized approach educates our clients and ensures they are informed and comfortable with each stage of their unique recruiting experience.
The college community considers us a valuable and unbiased referral for talent - affording us the opportunity to open more doors for you to colleges across the country. All the members on our team share this same vision.

As the principal of the company, Berg has been in your shoes…helping his son chase the baseball scholarship dream. He and his family, firsthand, experienced the highs and lows of the college recruiting process. Knowing the difference between a “real” recruiting letter, a camp invitation, and a canned solicitation allows us to stay focused and utilize our time in the best possible way.
Time to Sign Sports combines these strengths to offer a service unmatched in this arena. From hundreds of relationships with college coaches to realistic assessments of the player's abilities to exceptional client services, we make sure that nothing is left to chance.

Our staff consists of World class athletes, college and internationally recognized coaches, professional ball players, nationally recognized trainers, and more. We'll even arrange lessons with the appropriate instructor. We want you to be your best at all times – and Time to Sign Sports will do everything to accomplish that.

Berg Ohanian

Principal & Founder

Team Portrait

Berg has over 25 years of experience in athletics – including baseball and soccer. read more...

Sam Sharf

Vice President

Team Portrait

Sam, Penn State grad, was the Student Assistant with the Baseball Program. read more...

Mark Lowy

Director of Baseball Operations

Team Portrait

Mark, Gettysburg College grad, earned a degree in Organization & Management Studies. read more...

Dan Hutchinson

Athletic/Showcase Advisor & Trainer

Team Portrait

Dan has been associated with the Athletic Republic Sports Training ® Network since 1994. read more...

Joe Berardi

Assistant Director of Baseball Operations

Team Portrait

Joe played college ball, and later coached at Concordia College of New York. read more...

Sarkis Ohanian

Player Development

Team Portrait

Sarkis is a professional player in Major League Baseball with the Cincinnati Reds. read more...

Christian Correa

Catching Coordinator

Team Portrait

Christian is a professional player in MLB for the Houston Astros Organization. read more...

Rick Clagett

Baseball Recruiting Director & College Advisor

Team Portrait

Clagett, pitching coach/recruiting coordinator, at Lafayette College for 5 years. read more...

Atlee Mahorn

Athletic Advisor & Trainer

Team Portrait

Atlee Mahorn is a 3-time Olympian, World Championship and Olympic medalist. read more...

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