Our Services

Time to Sign Sports, Inc. is committed to helping high school baseball, softball, and soccer players reach the next level in their sport – participating at the collegiate level.

Time to Sign’s concepts and approaches are unique, proven and effective. Most importantly, we have found that exceptional communication is our premier asset. Personal communication is critical.

Our exclusive Student-Athlete Correlation Score™ (SCS™) is a critical component in the recruiting process. The SCS™ allows us to compare a player’s abilities against other players and in relation to individual college requirements. Using a well conceived formula, we evaluate the student-athlete on 30 core factors (10 athletic skills, 10 sport-related skills, and 10 critical academic factors). The compilation of our findings enables us to determine an appropriate list of colleges to consider for each student-athlete. It is this process that has allowed Time to Sign Sports to become so successful in an industry that has often been an inexact science.

Time to Sign Sports’ attention to detail keeps you on the radar screens of many colleges. Everything is done professionally, timely, and ethically. Time to Sign Sports has developed the roadmap to success – helping you reach the goal of playing ball in college.

The college community considers us a valuable and unbiased referral for talent - affording us the opportunity to open more doors for you to colleges across the country. All the members on our team share this same vision.

Customer Service
designed around you

Clients receive personalized attention. We cater to your family as if you were our only client. With toll-free support and personal cell phone numbers we will reply to your messages as quickly as possible. When you need to talk, we are here to listen and guide

Communication History
all communication is tracked
Every communication to or from Time to Sign, the colleges, and you (via email, phone or fax) is noted to maintain a full history of the process.
Student Correlation Score™
Colleges are rated on their academic strength and sport specific prowess. Each recruit is likewise rated and the correlation between the student-athlete and the colleges determines the starting point for colleges to consider.
Personal Relationships
with college coaches
We have and continue to develop personal and friendly relationships with hundreds of coaches. Our relationships and the ethical reputation we have earned, helps us help you stay on their radar screens.
College Roster Promise
confidence in our plan
While no one can make an absolute promise, we are confident that if you follow our plan and meet all of our deadlines, you will have every chance to be offered an opportunity to play ball from at an appropriate college that is right for you or you will be on the roster of a college team as a freshman. We make this statement because we are experts in the area of baseball, softball, and soccer recruiting.
Academic Assistance
for your specific needs
As a student-athlete, we provide up to three hours of individual time with an academic advisor. College selection, grades and coursework, standardized tests, essays, and the application process will be discussed and reviewed.
Training and Coaching
thinking beyond tomorrow
Our staff consists of World class athletes, college and internationally recognized coaches, professional ball players, nationally recognized trainers, and more. We'll even arrange lessons with the appropriate instructor. We want you to be your best at all times – and Time to Sign Sports will do everything to accomplish that.
Exposure Teams
the correct audience
Our teams are run, organized, and coached by our staff. From a competitive standpoint, our teams are among the most competitive in the country AND we enjoy and have aligned ourselves with many of the nation’s other premier teams. Working together, in this way, can promote the best opportunities for our guys to gain critical exposure.
Standout Showcases
take the stage
Time to Sign Sports proprietary showcases are among the very best in the country. Scouted by and for the nation’s leading colleges, our showcases put YOU center-stage.
Personal Care & Attention
the roadmap reminder
We provide constant direction. Whether emails to send, visits to take, or camps to attend, we make sure you stay on task - TOGETHER we can reach your destination.
Hands-on Service & Education
words that tell your story
Clients of Time to Sign Sports receive the most complete hands-on service imagineable. We treat each student-athlete and their family as if they were one of our own and continue to educate you through the process.
Web-based Company
they come to us
Recruiting college athletes is VERY much a hands-on and interpersonal process. College coaches, contrary to popular opinion, do not scour the internet for videos. They rely on reliable resources like Time to Sign Sports.

The Answer Key

Absolutely. We want to know your preferences. Understanding that our Student Correlation Score directs us in the right direction, your input is valuable as we define the types of schools for you as a Student-Athlete.
NO. Under no conditions will we contact or in any way communicate (in any means) with professional teams, leagues, or those affiliated with such in any capacity for you or any of the student-athletes to whom we offer advice.
Suggesting that you contact 100+ coaches is incompetent advice. Academics alone narrow YOUR list to 30-40 schools. Time to Sign Sports determines YOUR unique list by incorporating academic, athletic, social, and financial need factors.
We will NOT negotiate the offer that is made. The offer to play ball and enroll in any school is between the student-athlete, the school, and the school's coaching staff and admissions office. While we will offer advice and counsel about the various venues and events to attend, the types of exposure tournaments to participate in, the focus on various academic components, and other topics, the "selling" of the student-athete is the responsibility of the student-athlete. With our guidance and support, we feel confident that our student-athletes will receive an offer to continue playing ball in college at a school that matches both their academic standing and the athletic/sport skill level.
Contrary to what you hear, most coaches do NOT scour the internet looking for videos of players. They rely on trustworthy sources to present a video. It’s most important that they see you personally. We will utilize videos but only after you have been introduced to the coach and there is a legitimate interest in you.
If you have an interest in a school for which we do not currently have a relationship, you need not worry. Our reputation, credible assessments of the student-athlete, and access to each college and university affords us the opportunity to open doors and establish new relationships. With or without a prior relationship, if your game is in line with a school’s needs, we will get you on their radar screen for serious consideration.
We have developed a scoring system that factors in over 30 variables related to your academics, athleticism, and skill in your sport. These variables are computed using a proprietary formula to determine your Student Correlation Score (SCS). We have likewise assigned an SCS to Division I, II, and III programs across the country. The intersection of the school and your SCS helps us arrive at an appropriate starting list of schools to focus our attention.
Our advisory services program does not have nor require an ongoing annual fee. The fee paid (based on the payment option you select) is all you pay for the advisory services portion of our offerings. We offer a couple of payment plans for your convenience. The preferred method of payment is Credit/Debit Card, but we will gladly accept checks as well. We do NOT charge an annual fee. While our showcase events are not mandatory for you to attend, your participation is strongly encouraged as it keeps you exposed on on the stage for colleges to see your game. Fees associated with showcases and events are NOT included with your advisory services investment.
Absolutely. And, in most cases, we will want you to play with the Time to Sign Scout, Prospect, or Showcase team respectively. Your exisiting team may not offer the proper exposure for you to get to the next level. We want to make sure you are participating in events and tournaments that are scouted by college coaches. The fees associated with our teams are competitive nationally but are not included in your advisory fees.
Our cancellation policy is very straightforward and varies between Advisory Services and Showcases. Likewise, there are slight differences for payments received via credit/debit card versus check. We advise you to review these policies in our terms and conditions.
Our Academic Counselor and College Advisor will keep you informed and answer all your questions. Issues related to when to apply, standardized test scores, core grades versus overall grade point average, essay topics, reference letters, and much more will be discussed in a one-on-one setting.
We constantly communicate with college coaches throughout the country. Understanding the specific needs a coach has for each recruiting class enables us to target our approach and gear our efforts in the best and most efficient way. We will help get your name on the radar screen of the appropriate schools based on the SCS evaluation. At the end of the day, YOU will be the one to earn a roster spot. YOU will need to have the scholastic achievement to qualify for the school. YOU will have to impress the coach with your ball playing abilities. Our goal is to make sure we get you in front of the “right” coaches often enough so that you can garner their interest and attract an offer.
Money is Money. Keep your eye on the ball and the ultimate goal. The most coveted prize in the recruiting process is being offered a roster spot on the baseball, softball, or soccer team respectively. Academics become a critical component of the scholarship process because if a school has no “sport specific” money left for athletic scholarships, they can seek academic money, grants, and scholarships. Likewise, your financial situation may also dictate the level at which financial aid becomes a real factor in the equation.
Our attention to every detail requires that we help. Our Academic Advisory staff will evaluate your scores in conjunction with your school work. Before jumping to any conclusions of what is “good” or “bad”, let our experts determine what the next steps are. It may turn out that the schools of interest to you do not place much weight on standardized scores. If the opposite is true, we will point you in the right direction to gain assistance with that test the next time you are scheduled to sit for it.
Call us whenever you need to talk. That said, we also encourage you to email or text us. Many times we can answer your questions quickly and easily through email and texting. Bottom line, whatever is most comfortable and convenient for you works for us.