Want to Play Baseball in College?

Playing a sport in college is the exception, not the norm. However, Time to Sign Sports believes every high school baseball player who dreams of playing in college ought to have the opportunity to fulfill that wish.

At Time to Sign Sports, it’s how you play the game…

Time to Sign Sports high school baseball player college baseball recruit

We are your GPS in reaching your final destination – a roster spot playing on a college baseball team and receiving a valuable education. Do you have what it takes to play ball in college? Let us be your guide.

Together we can make your dreams come true. Our track record, contacts, service, and attention to every detail are unmatched. And we personally oversee everything we do. Time to Sign Sports has redefined STUDENT-ATHLETE advisory services.


  • Determine the most appropriate schools to consider for college.
  • Offer the student-athlete a stage to showcase skills in front of the appropriate audience
  • Counsel the student-athlete in terms of academic choices and test scores
  • Leverage our track record, contacts, and attention to every detail
  • Design and implement a unique strategy from the beginning of high school until the college offer is made

Since 2011, over 180 players have had the opportunity to play college baseball and they have garnered over $10 million in scholarships.


Time to Sign Sports Baseball College Recruit Advisory Service


Time to Sign Sports, Inc.’s commitment to the student-athlete is our top priority. You can be assured of having a partner as we make our way through the recruiting maze together.

Our ultimate goal is to always exceed your expectations for service and ultimately achieve tremendous results.We offer three tremendous and flexible payment plans for your financial investment. And the earlier you register, the more you save.

Time to Sign Sports Baseball College Recruit Showcase Service


Time to Sign Sports proprietary showcases are among the very best in the country. Scouted by and for the nation’s leading colleges, our showcases put YOU center-stage.

Our teams are run, organized, and coached by our staff, and are among the most competitive in the country. We have aligned ourselves with many of the nation’s other premier teams, which promotes the best opportunities for our guys to gain critical exposure.

Time to Sign Sports Baseball College Recruit Baseball Camp


Match-Up Camps provide a stage and format that increases exposure to college coaches, refines and improves their skill set, and allows for unrestricted interaction with each coach at the camp.

Our carefully designed game creates the most competitive pitcher vs hitter Match-Ups in an exciting and fast-paced format. We place emphasis on quality reps and exposure which is incredibly valuable for the college coaches on the field.

  • "...the best advice is to sign up early with Berg [TTSS]! Thank you for all the connections and guidance..."

    Author image
    • Brian Rapp
    • Boston College | 2018
  • "...the unique thing you guys do is you understand that each player is on their own path.."

    Author image
    • Dillon Lifrieri
    • South Carolina | 2018
  • "...thank you for who you are and your commitment to provide a correct recruiting and life changing experience..."

    Author image
    • Chase Mascolo
    • Wake Forest| 2020
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  • "We had a great experience with Berg. They took time, got to know Aaron as a person and treated Aaron as if they were advising one of their own sons. We were unfamiliar with this process and having Berg there to help us navigate through it made all the difference. Because of Time to Sign Sports, Aaron is at a great college that is the perfect fit for him. They demonstrated a high level of professionalism and they did exactly as promised. We are extremely pleased with the result and highly recommend them!"

    Author image
    • Alicia & Mike Liberatore, parents of Aaron Macchia
    • Albertus Magnus | 2017
  • "Berg and TTSS provided 24/7 dedication, savvy insight, and invaluable experience during the complex recruiting process. My son recently committed to Amherst College and we couldn't be happier."

    Author image
    • Craig Anderson, father of JR Anderson
    • Amherst College | 2018
  • “Our family would like to sincerely thank Time to Sign Sports for taking a genuine interest in our son. Ultimately, our son followed his dream and has commited to West Point. We are very proud of him and fortunate to have Time to Sign Sports supporting us! A personal thank you to Berg and Time to Sign who have a wealth of information to share with so many athletes and do it with integrity and honesty. The trust and comfort factor that has been established for our family cannot be quantified. Thanks Berg. Keep doing what you are doing!"

    Author image
    • Lori & Gregg Van Orden, parents of Grant Van Orden
  • “Thank you Time To Sign Sports! Your guidance, first-class showcases, and genuine care for Pete (PJ) was incredible. I appreciate the fact that you never pushed a single school on us, but tried to educate us all the way. Your clarity about the college recruiting process put us at ease. With your help we are proud to be part of The Austin Peay Governors baseball family. We are planning our trip for opening day and will keep you posted. All the best.”

    Author image
    • Pete Torres, father of PJ Torres
    • Austin Peay Governors | 2014
  • “Time to Sign's Advisory Service was exactly what I needed to exhibit my baseball talent to the right colleges. In addition to working with stellar coaches and a great team at showcases, we visited appropriate colleges and received first-class presentations and tours. In six short months, I am proud to have committed to Babson College which will provide the best of both worlds: visionary academics and fantastic baseball. I couldn't have done it without Time to Sign!”

    Author image
    • Alex DiMartino
    • Babson Beavers | 2020
  • "Berg and Time to Sign Sports were straightforward and did everything they said they were going to do from the beginning to the end of the process. Thanks to the guidance of the Time to Sign team, the experience was exciting and positive for my son. Our family could not be happier with the results. I wholeheartedly recommend the Time to Sign team."

    Author image
    • John Floegel, father of Johnny Floegel
    • Babson Beavers | 2018
  • "As parents of an international student and separated by 1,000's of miles, we could not have placed our trust and son's future in any hands better than Berg. We were introduced to them by a parent whose son got a great scholarship to FIU (with their advice). Time to Sign Sports did what it took and now our son is committed to Ball State. We thank Time to Sign Sports for all their efforts and pray that you will continue to help kids all over the country get to the next level."

    Author image
    • The Rodriguez Family, Alexander Rodriguez
    • Ball State Cardinals | 2016
  • "The path to playing college baseball is filled with ups and downs and unknowns. Time to Sign, Berg and Sam were there every step of the way, and we mean every step, through our son's highs and lows over a three year period. Our son's dream of playing college baseball wouldn't have come true without your relentless pursuit of helping him find, not only the best academic school, but also the best fit. We are eternally grateful for your patience and dedication. Thank You."

    Author image
    • Bahram Shirazi & Isabel Ebrahimi, parents of Cyrus Shirazi
    • Bates Bobcats | 2020
  • "We want to thank Berg for helping my son find an opportunity at playing at another top baseball program after playing at the Division 1 level. After a year of JUCO baseball at Triton College, Berg and Time to Sign worked hard to help Mike find a program where he can excel in academics and baseball. With their guidance, we can say, as a family, that Mike has been treated like a professional and has matured throughout the process. Berg had one goal, which was to get my son back to a top notch program and THEY DID IT! Keep up the good work."

    Author image
    • John Falsetti, father of Mike Falsetti
    • Belmont Abbey Crusaders | 2014
  • "The Time to Sign organization is a very professional and first class organization. Working with Berg was a pleasure. They took the time to understand my son in order to find the right fit for his college experience. As a result of working with Time to Sign Sports, we were presented with various options and ultimately signed with Bethune-Cookman University. Time to Sign' showcases were well attended by college decision makers which was definitely very impressive. I would recommend this organization to any family trying to find the best fit for their prospective college student-athlete."

    Author image
    • Byron Sr. & Robertha Ferguson, parents of Byron Ferguson Jr.
    • Bethune-Cookman Wildcats | 2016
  • "Time to Sign Sports has absolutely exceeded all of our expectations! The best advice I could give to parents of High School athletes that have goals for their children to play college sports is to sign up early with Berg and TTSS. They are the best! They are so helpful through the whole process. Thanks for all your guidance, care, honesty, and integrity. Brian, Lisa, and I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given and the connections and guidance you have provided. It has been a pleasure working with you both and hope you all the future successthat you both deserve. Good luck and keep up the good work!"

    Author image
    • Tom & Lisa Rapp, parents of Brian Rapp
    • Boston College | 2018
  • "Berg and the team at Time to Sign Sports provided wisdom, guidance (tough at times and not always want we wanted to hear), and sanity to an otherwise insane (recruiting) process - we can't imagine having to go through it without them. From the countless phone calls, emails and on-going counsel (for the student and the athlete), to their Showcases and Travel Team, their comprehensive approach gave Bear (Jake) the comfort and the confidence to focus on performing and getting better as a player, a student, and as a person! Life is about relationships, and from the beginning of our relationship with Time to Sign, Bear was treated like one of their sons and our entire family became a part of the Time To Sign family. Then, where the "rubber meets the road," the relationships Berg has grown and nurtured in the collegiate baseball community over his history as a coach, a scout, an entrepreneur, a mentor and a dad, are second to none. Thanks again Time To Sign - for everything!"

    Author image
    • Joel & Jen Stevens, parents of Jacob Stevens
    • Boston College | 2019
  • “There are few words that can adequately express my gratitude for everything that you have done and the way in which you helped our family, or which adequately speak to the genuineness and character of each of you, which became so clear along the way. You guided us through a very difficult process, and even more importantly, kept every one of your promises. While you couldn't play for Tyler, each of you had the unwavering goal of putting him in a position to be seen and selected, and there was never a conflict in pursuing that goal. You made opportunities for him when we joined with the team, and encouraged us to pursue others when appropriate, even if the scheduling took us from the team for a short while. You responded tirelessly to every single one of my more than fair share of phone calls, you were there, exactly when we needed you, and you facilitated all of our communications with the coaches, guiding us and making a challenging situation easier. And finally, beyond the business side, I know each of you truly wanted Tyler to personally succeed. You rooted for him, and always encouraged him. So, in addition to everything, it was fun. Thank you for everything.”

    Author image
    • Owen Wincig, father of Tyler Wincig
    • Bucknell Bison | 2020
  • "I would like to thank Berg for helping my son, David, through every step of the recruiting process. TTSS made sure he was able to showcase his talents in front of the right coaches during the summer as well as in their professionally run showcases. The college recruiting process is one that can be very stresstful and very confusing. Berg and Time to Sign were always there to guide us and answer any questions at all times of the day. Their hard work and dedication is truly appreciated by us. Next year David will be playing for the Clark University Cougars and with their support and guidance, his dream came true. Thanks for everything!"

    Author image
    • Nina Hirsch, mother of David Corn
    • Clark Cougars | 2016
  • "Very exciting!! Thank you so much to the TTS Staff for everything that you have done for me along the way. I really couldn't have done any of this without you and I am just so grateful for the opportunities that Berg, Sam, and Mark have given to me. I cannot thank you enough!"

    Author image
    • David Rotando
    • Clark Cougars | 2020
  • "Berg and the TTS team took the time to really get to know our son Daniel well beyond the level of his baseball abilities.....they also focused on his academic interests as well as his personal and family interests. This was invaluable in helping us think through and assess the options and ultimately conclude that the best fit for Daniel was right in his own back yard. We are thrilled that Daniel will be a UCONN Husky. Thanks for all your help guys! We have and will continue to highly recommend Time to Sign to our friends who have sons that have a dream to play college baseball!"

    Author image
    • Deidre & Mark Rajkowski, parents of Dan Rajkowski
    • Connecticut Huskies | 2018
  • "We met Berg when our son Vinny was just about to enter High School in Connecticut. Time to Sign Sports provided a fresh and honest approach of how to navigate through a process that can be overwhelming and confusing. Time to Sign Sports gets you in front of College Scouts for the maximum exposure to showcase your talents. Getting our son into the right college to play at a Division I school was our family's ultimate goal. It was a true joy to see our son make his decision to commit to UCONN with confidence. We feel he got the maximum exposure by playing side by side with other like minded players who also had the talent, focus and drive to stay motivated. Berg has brought those same type of families to Time to Sign Sports."

    Author image
    • Debbie & Vinny Siena, parents of Vinny Siena
    • Connecticut Huskies | 2016
  • "Berg and Time to Sign listened to our goal and delivered on that goal as promised. Their guidance, reputation and network positioned Paul to play baseball at the collegiate level – Cornell University. We appreciated and were impressed by their genuine interest in and openness with Paul and our family. Thanks to Berg, the journey was made clear and easy. We truly benefited from having them on our side. Goal obtained! Thank you Berg and the Time to Sign Sport team."

    Author image
    • Tracey & Angelo Balestrieri, parents of Paul Balestrieri
    • Cornell Big Red | 2017
  • "Trusting our sons academic and athletic future to total strangers was a scary thought. What once was a nightmare, ended up a dream come true. Berg has the personal touch you expect as a client and the relationship with coaches that put them on top of the recruiting game. Their constant contact keeps you well informed and completely at ease. No other service out there comes close to Time to Sign Sports."

    Author image
    • Todd & Colleen Mayer, parents of Brian Mayer
    • Delaware Blue Hens | 2016
  • "When we cam to Time to Sign Sports, we were just coming off a bad experience with a different advisory firm and showcase team. We were very skeptical about the entire process and weren't sure we wanted to try again. After meeting with Berg and Sam, we were sure we found the right firm to organization to help get our son Zack where he needed to be. They explained to us that college recruiting is so much more than playing at showcases. Berg and Sam took the time to get to know Zack and what he wanted from a school, from a team, and from a coach. They learned his strengths and worked on his weaknesses. They made sure Zack played in front of the right coaches from the right schools and made his ultimate wish come true. We cannot thank them enough for guiding us though this very complicated process. To say this was a positive experience would be an understatement. If you are just starting this journey, you need Time to Sign Sports on your side. We could not have been happier with the whole experience and we know you will be too."

    Author image
    • Jacqui & Jeff Davis, parents of Zack Davis
    • Denison Big Red | 2018
  • "Thank you to Berg and Time to Sign Sports for helping give Alex the possibility to get a great opportunity to play baseball in college. Berg and the TTSS staff make a super team and we would recommend then to anyone who is looking for their son to get the opportunity to play in college and get a super education."

    Author image
    • Ivonne & Rolando Enrique, parents of Alex Enrique
    • Denison Big Red | 2017
  • "Berg is extremely knowledgeable about the complicated and highly stressful college recruiting process. They get players in front of coaches and have the necessary relationships with coaches that help those players stay noticed. They give kids good advice, not only on their playing, but on how to conduct themselves on and off the field and how to communicate with the coaches throughout the process. We would not have gotten where we are without them."

    Author image
    • Deborah & Chris Glancy, parents of Will Glancy
    • Dickinson Red Devils | 2017
  • "Our experience with Berg was truly a great one. Between the hours spent on the phone getting to know our son, his academic and athletic goals, they presented my son to the schools that were looking for the type of student athlete my son is. Time to Sign is a “baseball match maker”. They promised me several things: they would be in constant contact through the process, they would be honest, and they would match my son up with an amazing school. They kept all of their promises! They helped to guide us through the process and we are thrilled with the outcome!"

    Author image
    • Jennifer Hopkins, mother of Ricky Hopkins
    • Dickinson Red Devils | 2017
  • "Berg and his team from TTSS were instrumental from beginning to end, providing valuable guidance and support to both Tommy and us. They did everything from help us narrow down his list of schools to connecting directly with his top list of schools. Would highly recommend!"

    Author image
    • Mark and Karen Koide, parents of Tommy Koide
    • Dickinson Red Devils | 2020
  • "There are many recruiting services who claim to have the ability to help your son get recruited. The reality is that Berg has the knowledge and relationships to make that dream a reality. The college recruiting process is shrouded in mystery and, while it can be fun and rewarding, it can also be emotionally charged because your son is making a decision because your son is making a decision that will impact not just the next 4 years of his life - but the next 40. After having watched our son go through the recruiting process, we are convinced Berg and TTSS (1) are knowledgeable about the academic and athletic programs offered by a wide variety of colleges and universities; (2) have personal relationships with the coaches; (3) communicate honestly, clearly, and effectively with your son and the coaches that interested in your son; (4) are willing to learn about your son in order to determine the best fit for them - both academically and athletically. Because of Berg's efforts, our son was recruited and received offers from several top colleges and committed to Dickinson College in September of his Senior Year. Thank you guys for consistently going above and beyond for our son."

    Author image
    • Paul & Lisa Paradis, parents of Ryan Paradis
    • Dickinson Red Devils | 2016
  • "Time to Sign Sports worked with us to make Dimitri’s dream come true – playing baseball at a tremendous D1 University. This was our first experience with Berg and TTSS. They were terrific. They told us how they would help. And they communicated with us often. Our calls were returned, our emails were answered, and our son was able to showcase his skills to some great schools. By not only talking with us, but really listening, my son is now going to play ball at Elon - a school he loves. Nobody in the country does what Berg does. They opened our eyes to several options and, at the end of the day, we know our son is going to be happy and challenged at the next level. Thank you Time to Sign Sports for doing what nobody else can!"

    Author image
    • Dimitri & Lisa Lettas, parents of Dimitri Lettas
    • Elon Phoenix | 2017
  • ""A first class experience! The Time to Sign service is unlike any other program being offered today. Berg and Sam have developed the perfect combination for success – highly competitive baseball, unprecedented exposure to college coaches along with honest and personal consultative services. We could not be more satisfied with the results that Time to Sign has delivered on. Berg and Sam’s guidance, professionalism and tireless commitment has allowed our son to realize his goal of finding the best academic fit and highly competitive baseball program and we could not be more pleased with the results. Without question, our decision to join and trust the Time to Sign team was the best investment that we could have made in our son's future."

    Author image
    • Jimm Lorenz, father of Owen Lorenz
    • Elon Phoenix | 2019
  • "From our first contact, it was clear that Time to Sign Sports' main objective was to understand what it was that we were trying to accomplish from a academic as well as athletic side. Their suggestions along the way proved insightful and ultimately fruitful. Their individualized approach impressed us as did their honest assessment and feedback. As the recruiting process unfolded, it was clear to us that Time to Sign had developed close working relationships with so many coaches which we think was a big factor in our son’s successful recruitment. We appreciated their integrity, honesty and candor. Thank you guys!"

    Author image
    • Bill & Denise Norton, parents of Tucker Norton
    • Elon Phoenix | 2017
  • "Time to Sign Sports is a top-notch recruiting service dedicated to helping high school baseball players achieve their dreams. I've known Berg for many years from competing throughout the Florida travel ball circuit. Berg and TTSS are BY FAR the most knowledgeable and respected advisory service. If you want your son to play ball at the next level, you need these guys on your TEAM. They are truly second to no-one."

    Author image
    • Jim & Lee Schaedel, parents of Chris Schaedel
    • Elon Phoenix | 2016
  • “Berg and his team at Time to Sign Sports have strong relationships throughout the coaching universe and a keen understanding of the recruiting process -- a process that at times can be daunting and unclear. From early on Berg helped us map out, and then navigate through, a recruiting strategy with great success. We appreciate everything Berg and Sam and the entire TTSS team have done to advance our son's ability to play at the next level. Their encouragement, advice and insights were very helpful and will continue as our son proudly embarks upon the collegiate baseball stage of his life.”

    Author image
    • Garrett & Jodi Stonehouse, parents of Garrett Stonehouse
    • Elon Phoenix | 2020
  • "Berg, Sam and the TTSS team were extremely helpful in guiding Alec through the recruiting process. The energy and time commitment they gave was tremendous and truly instrumental to our son getting the opportunity to pursue his dream of competing at the college level at an outstanding academic institution. Their honest assessment of our son's abilities helped him to present his best case for the the school that is the best fit for him. We are truly grateful."

    Author image
    • Michael & Laura Granger, parents of Alec Granger
    • Emory Eagles | 2019
  • "Thank you for getting several schools interested in Matt. In the end, Matt had a good choice of several schools to choose from that met his goals for playing at the next level. Without your help, I don't think it would have happened as quick or his offer would have been as good. The interest from the schools out East and the excellent offer he received put Matt in a very good situation. Bottom line is that, because of you guys, he had some excellent opportunities and a choice. Thank you for all your help."

    Author image
    • Jim & Laura Rodgers, parents of Matt Rodgers
    • Evansville Aces | 2016
  • "Thank you to the TTS staff, Berg, Sam and Mark for all that you have done to help our son Nick achieve his dream of playing Division 1 college baseball. You delivered on everything that you said you would deliver. The guidance and the exposure you delivered exceeded our expectations. You created an amazing summer for Nick. First class!"

    Author image
    • Bruce & Michelle Weyant, parents of Nick Weyant
    • Fairfield University Stags | 2021
  • "For as long as we can remember, our son Matt, dreamed of playing Division 1 baseball in college. Thank you Berg for all of your knowledge, guidance, advice and support. You took a genuine interest in Matt and were there for us. You answered our questions and addressed our concerns. Our story is short. Your Time to Sign Showcase gave Matt great exposure which led to an offer. Next fall, Matt will be living out his dream! Thank you Berg for everything."

    Author image
    • Debi & Jim McCann, parents of Matt McCann
    • Fairleigh Dickinson Knights | 2017
  • "Berg and Time to Sign have earned our sincere appreciation in their efforts with our son Tyler. In just five short months, they put Tyler in contact with numerous college coaches and provided the opportunity for him to showcase his abilities in front of them. They kept us informed with constant feedback and offered their support throughout the entire process. Berg even took the time to attend some of Tyler's games and showcases to get a first hand look at what the colleges were seeing. Their communication was invaluable. We are proud to say that Tyler has committed to Flagler College for the fall of 2012. This has been a dream of Tyler's for a very long time and Berg played a vital role in making that dream come true. Thank you for all you have done."

    Author image
    • Tom & Renea Finney, parents of Tyler Finney
    • Flagler Saints | 2016
  • “For the last few years, I have known Berg very well. I really respect the way he relates and works with the kids. The advice he and TTSS provide to the kids and the parents really helps reach the next level (college). We want to wish you guys all the best and may you have the strength and wisdom to keep doing a great job on behalf of the kids."

    Author image
    • Phil Llewellyn, father of Phildrick Lllewellyn
    • FIU Golden Panthers | 2016
  • "I've had the opportunity to build a relationship with the Time to Sign baseball staff and have been very pleased in seeing and attaining information about players. Their contact list ranges from local in-state players and throughout the country. We've had success with Time to Sign understanding how our staff operates, FL TECH's academics importance, our style of play, and what we look for in prospective student-athletes."

    Author image
    • Anonymous
    • Florida Tech Panthers | 2016
  • "Thanks Berg for your nonstop, round the clock, help in my college selection process. You guys used your knowledge of the college baseball process to get me into the college of my dreams! I would encourage every young aspiring high school baseball player to join Time To Sign Sports as soon as possible. Again, thank you for all of your support and guidance and I will always remember the part you guys played in getting me into Fordham!"

    Author image
    • Ryan Mahoney
    • Fordham Rams | 2017
  • "Kids with tremendous potential often go unnoticed during the recruiting process. Time to Sign Sports will help your son get noticed, open doors, and expose them to opportunities you didn't know existed. Their ability to get honest feedback from college coaches will help your son find the right college."

    Author image
    • Ken & Pam Bateman, parents of Eric Bateman
    • Franklin & Marshall Diplomats | 2017
  • “Our family would personally like to thank you Berg for all your time, patience and dedication to our son throughout this process. We would absolutely recommend Time To Sign Sports to our friends whose sons want to play baseball at the collegiate level. Berg and Sam took the time to genuinely get to know our son and help him navigate through the entire process from start to finish. The showcases and workouts were top notch and our son couldn't have been given any better exposure. Berg was available and approachable any time we needed him. Berg, your dedication and commitment to making our sons dream a reality is most appreciated, thank you!”

    Author image
    • Brian & Donna Meerholz, parents of Brian Meerholz
    • Franklin & Marshall Diplomats | 2019
  • "We would very much like to thank Berg and Time to Sign Sports for all their kindness, support, and effort in securing a college for our son, Walker. It can be a daunting task navigating your way through the complex American college recruiting process. However, with Berg's help, our son was matched with a college that meets his academic and athletic needs, as well as our specific requirements in terms of location and size of school. Our son's dream of playing U.S. college baseball has been realized thanks to the help from our good friends at Time to Sign Sports! We are very grateful for all their assistance."

    Author image
    • Laura & Murray Lewis, parents of Walker Lewis
    • Garrett Lakers | 2016
  • "We have known Berg for some time and they have been great in helping us in the baseball recruiting process. They really took Dean under their wing to both encourage him and to make sure he stayed the course regarding his dreams. Dean always wanted to play baseball at Georgetown. Happily, through Berg’s guidance, Dean’s dream actually came true. If you want to play ball in college, Time to Sign Sports definitely can help you achieve that goal."

    Author image
    • Kelly D’Ambrosio, mother of Dean D’Ambrosio
    • Georgetown Hoyas | 2015
  • "I would highly recommend (and have) without hesitation Time to Sign Sports to anyone whose son has a desire to play baseball at the collegiate level. We could not be more pleased with the opportunity Time to Sign has provided my son to achieve his dreams. From their college showcases, their summer college bus tour and their tournament showcase teams, Time to Sign takes care of every detail and ensures your son is seen by the right schools for him. More importantly, Berg has established personal relationships with more college coaches than anyone which allows them to find the best possible school for your son to continue his baseball career. Letting Time to Sign represent and help your son is the best investment you can make in your child’s future."

    Author image
    • Skip Goldenberg, father of Casey Goldenberg
    • Georgetown Hoyas | 2019
  • "I want to thank Berg and the Time to Sign Staff for giving our son an opportunity to be successful in the recruiting process. Time to Sign is a top notch organization and we would highly recommend to anyone looking to play college baseball."

    Author image
    • John & Stacy Greeley, parents of John Greeley
    • George Washington Colonials | 2019
  • "We want to thank Time to Sign Sports and Berg for all your time, unwavering support, and guidance throughout the recruiting process with our son Brett. Looking back, we know that we would not be where we are today without it; with a son who is realizing his dream of playing college baseball at an outstanding academic institution in Hamilton. Going into this, as you well know, we were skeptical about the recruiting process and if professional help would be worth it; I can tell you today that it must be because we used your services for both our boyswho each had the same baseball dream. Most important is the commitment you both have shown to our sons and that, in and of itself, is very much appreciated. From all of us, thank you."

    Author image
    • Lori & Phil Mele, parents of Brett Mele
    • Hamilton Continentals | 2017
  • "We would highly recommend working with Time to Sign Sports to help guide you and your son through the college baseball recruiting process and most importantly find the right fit both athletically and academically. Berg, Sam and Mark have the knowledge, resources and the contacts to spot baseball talent and provide practical and realistic advice about the right opportunities to pursue. The college recruiting process can be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. It is a challenge to differentiate those emails from college coaches with invitations to showcases and prospect camps. Time to Sign saw our son Robert play at a showcase camp they attended and the rest was history. We began working with them in April and 4 months later Robert was committed to play Division 1 baseball at the University of Hartford. TTS offers a comprehensive approach to helping you navigate a difficult and complex process by making it straightforward and realistic. Even if your son doesn't play on one of the Time to Sign teams, Berg and Sam make the time to talk to you 24x7 so you have the guidance and the answers to the questions you need in real time. Thank you Berg, Sam, Mark and the entire Time to Sign team for helping our son realize his lifelong dream of playing Division 1 college baseball."

    Author image
    • Robert & Chris Carmody, parents of Robert Carmody, Jr.
    • Hartford Hawks | 2020
  • "Our lives have revolved around Baseball for several years, and we made many sacrifices, with the ultimate goal for our son to play college baseball. Our son has worked hard for this, but the recruiting process can be grueling to say the least. With the help of Time to Sign Sports, their advice, guidance, reputation with college coaches and profound dedication, and our son's National Travel Ball Program his dream to play Division 1 baseball is now a reality. Words cannot describe our heartfelt thanks to Time to Sign Sports and Berg for helping our son's dream come true."

    Author image
    • Joan & Ross Fazio, parents of Dom Fazio
    • High Point Panthers | 2016
  • "Coming out of a cast and missing most of his junior year high school baseball season placed George in a difficult recruiting position. Berg sprang into action the moment we shook hands. They took the time to know George well enouth to identify all his attributes and facilitated the perfect match to play at Holy Cross, his number one choice. The Time to Sign Sports process is unmatched and resulted in multiple quality commitment options. Berg knows what's happening both on the field and in the offices of college coaches. They use their personal relationships and knowledge of each player and their skills to create the best opportunities for success."

    Author image
    • Laurie and George Capen, parents of George Capen
    • Holy Cross Crusaders | 2017
  • "We want to thank the Time to Sign team for their valuable advice and guidance. Navigating the college baseball recruiting process is tough, so it’s really helpful to have someone in your corner who can counsel and coach the recruit along the way. Recruiting is a challenge for both the players and the coaches; Time to Sign helps showcase the player to the right coaches and ultimately find the right fit for both."

    Author image
    • Martin & Kate Veinbergs, parents of Lukas Veinbergs
    • Indiana Hoosiers | 2019
  • "This was a top notch experience, I was exposed to colleges that were both top tier academic and athletic. Playing for Time to Sign Sports this summer gave me the opportunity to visit over 30 schools, in over 12 different states, and play in front of college coaches of all levels. It gave me a good idea of what playing baseball at the next level would be." - Josh Barditch || "The Time to Sign summer showcase program was an extremely well-oiled machine. Berg and the staff were very professional and organized. The selection of tournaments and college visits, even hotels, were excellent. We appreciate the guidance both on and off the field."

    Author image
    • Larry & Maria Barditch, parents of Josh Barditch
    • John Carroll Blue Streaks | 2019
  • "Time to Sign Sports worked well with our family on all fronts to find the best school for our son. By starting early in the process, they were able to advise us on many topics from which classes to take to which showcases to attend. Their first hand connections with college coaches at different types of schools and in different geographic locations gave us valuable feedback so we could focus on the schools that made the most sense for our son. It would have been impossible to go through the very confusing recruiting process without Berg and Time to Sign's assistance. More importanly, no matter how big or small the question, they were always there to answer it. Adam will live his dream of playing D1 baseball and we give much thanks to Berg for not only being great advisors, but for helping make it happen!"

    School logo image
    • Alicia & Dave Ashenfarb, parents of Adam Ashenfarb
    • Lafayette Leopards | 2017
  • "Berg Ohanian and the Time to Sign Sports’ team were terrific in helping our son to gain acceptance to Lafayette College to play baseball. Berg’s intimate knowledge of the recruiting process, his extensive network of college coaches and his candid baseball and academic assessments were essential to achieving a successful outcome. Throughout the stressful college recruiting process, Berg was a thoughtful advisor, enthusiastic advocate and heartfelt friend to our son."

    School logo image
    • Kathy & Paul Giusti, parents of David Giusti
    • Lafayette Leopards | 2019
  • "Time to Sign gave our family peace of mind. Berg helped make the college baseball search less painful for all of us. they were able to help us focus our search for the right program for our son. Their communication and connections with the various coaches and schools assured us that we were pursuing the right baseball program. Alex will be playing at Lafayette College next year and we couldn't be happier."

    School logo image
    • Debi & Steven Nickles, parents of Alex Nickles
    • Lafayette Leopards | 2016
  • "As an NCAA Division I coach, I attend upwards of 20 showcases every year. Lipscomb University is looking for a very specific type of athlete as we go out on the recruiting trail. I can say without hesitation that Time to Sign Sports runs an efficient, well organized event every time we attend. More than that, they are truly committed to the entire recruiting process which includes advising student-athletes that playing college baseball is a lot more than signing the letter of intent. It's about finding a place where you can succeed on the field, in the classroom, and in a social setting that allows you to reach all of your goals. That is what sets Time to Sign Sports apart from any other showcase/talent placement organization I have seen."

    School logo image
    • Baseball Coach
    • Lipscomb Bisons
  • "Berg and Time to Sign Sports were a big help in getting Alec through the recruiting process. Their guidance helped our son be in the right place to showcase his abilities and with their support, he now has a great opportunity to play for the Lynn University Fighting Knights. Our family appreciates all the time and effort you put in to support Alec's dream of playing baseball in college. You provided us many opportunities with schools from regions across the country, but obviously by our decision, you can tell our desire was to stay and play in one of the best Divivion II conferences in the country. Thank you for everything."

    School logo image
    • Loxxie & Marc Lamrouex, parents of Alec Lamrouex
    • Lynn Fighting Knights | 2016
  • “Thanks to the TTS staff for bringing us through the recruiting process, and helping to make the summer of 2015 a highlight of our lives as a family. You said that by joining TTS, we would be making an investment towards Joey's future, and you were so right. That investment paid off in a big way, and we are now able to look with excitement to Joey's college career knowing that he can not only play Division 1 baseball, but also get a quality education at a school he is excited to attend, without having to take out what would have amounted to a home mortgage just to accomplish these two goals. Thanks to Mark who saw Joey at a showcase, recognizing his talent, and made the contact, spending much time on the phone with us to encourage us to sign with TTS. A special thanks to Sam who worked with Joey for many hours on his hitting, giving him the confidence he needed to enter the summer season, and to you Berg, who did the leg work, using your experience and contacts to set us up with the school that would be a perfect fit for Joey! We are thankful to be a part of the TTS family and have made friendships that will last longer than just a summer.”

    School logo image
    • Lou Curcio, father of Joey Curcio
    • LIU-Brooklyn Blackbirds | 2020
  • “I would like to take a moment to express my extreme satisfaction with Time to Sign Sports. We are thrilled that we met and worked with Time to Sign Sports. Berg treated my son as if he were one of their own (showing him love and respect but also kicking his "you know what" sometimes too).We were with another organization and nothing was accomplished - except wasting our money. We found out about Time to Sign Sports in the 11th hour of Paul's senior year and now he will continue his baseball dream at The University of Maine. Not only is Time to Sign Sports effective and efficient, they get results. My son had 5 other college baseball opportunities to choose from after attending their summer showcase and using their advisory services. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

    School logo image
    • Paul Pappaceno, father of Paul Pappaceno
    • Maine Black Bears | 2015
  • “We were so lucky to meet Berg, Sam and the entire TTS team. The experience was not only great for our son Jack it was great for our entire family. They delivered on everything they said they would and helped our son realize his dream of playing college baseball. If your son has a desire to play college baseball I would highly recommend TTS.”

    School logo image
    • Patrick Kelly, father of Jack Kelly
    • Manhattan Jaspers | 2020
  • "Summer Travel Baseball Club fee = $1,500+
    Fall Travel Baseball Club fee = $1,000+
    Airfare, Hotels, Meals & travel expenses = $5,000+
    Knowledge, Expertise, Professionalism and Genuine Caring of the Time to Sign Team = PRICELESS
    We would like to thank Time to Sign for all of their help and support in navigating the college baseball recruiting process. Berg treated our son as if he were their own. They listened to us and spoke with us, not at us. Their knowledge and professional relationships are invaluable and helped us find the best possible college fit, both academically and athletically. Our son, Chris, will be living out his dream of playing Division 1 college baseball and he will be doing it close enough for us to be able to see many of his games. Thanks again."

    School logo image
    • Vickie & Tom Liquori, parents of Chris Liquori
    • Manhattan Jaspers | 2016
  • "I would like to thank Coaches Berg and Sam of Time to Sign Sports in helping me with the college recruiting process. Time to Sign helped a lot in pointing me in the right direction and making connections and introductions with the colleges. I would recommend Time to Sign Sports to anyone trying to play baseball in college. Its a big reason why I will continue my baseball career at Manhattanville College next year, thanks again!"

    School logo image
    • Danny Gallagher
    • Manhattanville Valiants | 2018
  • "Thank you Berg as well as Sam and Mark for making my dream a reality. Without your coaching and guidance I would not be where I am today. I appreciate all you've done for me leading up to this point, and know you will be with me the rest of my baseball career. Thank you for helping me succeed.”"

    School logo image
    • Peter Iannarilli
    • Manhattanville Valiants| 2020
  • “The High School to College baseball recruiting process is daunting, but Time to Sign Sports helped our son find the right fit! Unless your son is among the top 100 baseball players in the country, I would highly recommend using Time to Sign Sports. We knew that we could not just sit back and hope that coaches would be calling our son, Jake. Hope is not a strategy. We came to realize that we needed to take an aggressive approach to recruiting and college selection and entrusted Berg Ohanian and his staff to help Jake match up his athletic tools and skills with the needs of a particular baseball program. The Time to Sign Sports staff assisted Jake in developing a list of schools, Divisions 1-3, and guided him with appropriate and timely communications to college coaches. Over the course of several months, with guidance from Time to Sign Sports, Jake would edit his list based on a variety of things such as geographic preferences, number of players already committed for his position, opportunities for him to fit in with a specific baseball program and last, but definitely not least, the school’s academic programs offered. Today, Jake could not be more excited and blessed to have verbally committed to Marist College! Thanks to Berg and his team’s leadership, guidance and mentoring during what could have been a much more stressful process.”

    School logo image
    • Ed & Ann Stagman, parents of Jake Stagman
    • Marist Red Foxes | 2015
  • “I just graduated High School and wanted to play ball in college. But I had no offers. I didn’t even know how to get seen. That’s when I met Time to Sign Sports. The rest is history. Schools came to watch me pitch. Berg just told me to do what I do and good things would happen. He said that schools would want me after they saw me play. Berg, you were right. Because of you, I play in Conference USA for Marshall. Doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks guys.”

    School logo image
    • Lance Elder
    • Marshall Thundering Herd | 2015
  • "I first met Berg in the fall of 2010 at the Underclass tournament in Fort Myers. By chance our paths crossed again this past spring where I first learned of Time to Sign Sports Inc., the company that Berg runs. I was so impressed with his presentation that signed Brandon up and a great relationship was formed. Working with Berg and Time to Sign Sports was such a positive experience that I have referred them to a number of frustrated parents who have since signed their sons up with Time to Sign Sports and now their sons are going to be playing college baseball because of their efforts. Their professionalism, communication and direction is why Brandon will be playing baseball next year at the University of Mary Washington."

    School logo image
    • Roger Steiginga, father of Brandon Steiginga
    • Mary Washington Eagles | 2016
  • “I have known Berg for about 10 years. During that time, I coached travel baseball and currently am a GM in a summer collegiate baseball league. Despite my background, I struggled in the recruiting process for my own son. Berg's knowledge of the recruiting process (especially pertaining to my son going from a JUCO program in South Florida to the University of Miami) was extremely instrumental. There are so many things that must be accounted for and it is a hard path to go on alone. Through his contacts, Berg gave us numerous options which led to my son attending his and my top choice amongst schools. Most of all he helped me get through the process and stay sane.”

    School logo image
    • Ray Catena, father of Ray Catena, Jr.
    • Miami Hurricanes | 2018
  • “Berg, we appreciate all the support and guidance you gave Luke and the family, including Showcases, college opportunities, and exposure to MLB scouts before the draft. Luke is now a Texas Ranger and we can remember his starting the process with you. Thanks Again.”

    School logo image
    • Ed Jackson, father of Luke Jackson
    • Miami Hurricanes| 1st rd pick - TX Rangers
  • "We signed on late with Time to Sign Sports and were pretty nervous about getting a solid commitment to a D1 school. After speaking with Berg the very first time, our fears were laid to rest. Time to Sign Sports relationship with college coaches is amazing and before long my son Joe was garnering some serious interest that lead to him committing to Monmouth University. Thank you Berg, Sam and staff - We got it done quicker than we thought!"

    School logo image
    • Thom Rosselli, father of Joey Rosselli
    • Monmouth Hawks | 2021
  • “The Palummo Family thanks the Time to Sign family for their hard work and dedication which provided our son with several colleges to choose from. Thank you Berg and the staff of Time to Sign."

    School logo image
    • Carmine & Vanessa Palummo, parents of Carmine Palummo
    • Moravian Greyhounds | 2020
  • “Berg developed a well thought out game plan for my son to execute in a very short time period. Thanks to their hard work and commitment he will be attending a great college and realizing his dream of playing college ball."

    School logo image
    • Juan Icaza, father of John Icaza
    • Muhlenberg Mules | 2017
  • “During the 2 years that Sam has been a part of the Time To Sign Program, he has learned so much about the game of baseball, both on and off the field. With your coaching and guidance, we have watched Sam develop into the baseball player that he is today. Your ideas, input and commitment led Sam to Muhlenberg College which we feel will be the perfect fit for him. Thank you to Berg, Sam & Mark for helping Sam reach his goal of becoming a college baseball player!”

    School logo image
    • Stephanie & Jeff Zenna, parents of Sam Zenna
    • Muhlenberg Mules | 2021
  • "We owe you! Fall ball at NYIT has started and Jack couldn't be happier. We owe you both big time. This could never have happened without you guys. Finally, our boy gets to play the game that he loves in the United States. He is working hard and making you proud."

    School logo image
    • Mark & Adrienne Smith , parents of Jack Smith (Stuttgart, Germany)
    • NYIT Bears| 2017
  • “We can’t thank Coach Berg and Time to Sign Sports enough for all of their help throughout the recruiting process for our son Brian. Time to Sign got Brian in front of all the right college scouts. With Berg’s help Brian was able to receive the maximum amount of exposure at each and every event he attended. I would definitely recommend Time to Sign to anyone whose son has a desire to play college baseball.”

    School logo image
    • Toni Morrell, mother of Brian Morrell
    • Notre Dame Fighting Irish | 2021
  • "Going into the PG Underclassmen tournament this fall I was undecidied on college and didn't even have any concrete offers. Working with Coach Snusz and meeting Berg from TTS Sports was huge for me. They both helped get me in contact with a bunch of coaches and potential college fits. Fortunately I played well in front of a couple coaches down there and generated some good interest. Pretty soon afterward I visited the University of Oklahoma and took part in a camp down there. Meeting and getting to know the coaching staff and some of the players, as well as see the facilities made it a really easy decision for me...In the end I could not have been blessed with a better situation for me, my family, and my developement as a baseball player and human being. I am so excited to be a Sooner! BOOMER SOONER!"

    School logo image
    • Jeremiah Adams
    • Oklahoma University | 2020
  • "Our son Riley had such a rewarding experience with Time to Sign Sports. From the minute we signed the contract, Sam Sharf was in contact with our son, guiding him to send out emails to prospective schools etc. The summer tours were a great experience with visits and workouts at excellent schools up and down the east coast and Berg was quick to follow up with prospective coaches for Riley and eventually an integral part in the process of Riley's commitment to Pace University. It took the pressure off of us, as parents, as we had NO experience in the entire recruitment process. TTSS was really very instrumental in getting Riley signed!"

    School logo image
    • Lynn & Glen Iafrate, parents of Riley Iafrate
    • Pace Setters | 2019
  • “Our family would like to thank you for helping Jesse's dream become a reality. Your constant support, guidance, and advice, as well as your reputation with the college coaches is a huge asset. You were able to get so many schools to come watch Jesse pitch. We will always remember you as being a part of Jesse commiting to UPenn.”

    School logo image
    • Allan & Mindy Roth, parents of Jesse Roth
    • Penn Quakers | 2017
  • "We highly recommend the Time To Sign team to any family whose son has the talent and desire to play college baseball. We suggest you sign up early and heed Berg’s excellent advice. Before we met them, it was a stressful, daunting process. Berg and Time to Sign Sports immediately made the process clear and enjoyable. Their integrity, knowledge, reputation and contacts are impressive, as is the care they take to get to know families and guide them appropriately. Their individualized support is the antithesis of all the cookie-cutter recruiting services. TTSS is the most sensible way to go because they offer so much more: more honest feedback, more opportunities to be seen, more colleges interested. Our son enjoyed playing on Time To Sign’s summer and fall teams. Every teammate was intent on playing college ball. Every workout and game drew college coaches who came to consider players for their rosters and to recommend players to their colleagues at other colleges. Every player was treated respectfully. Sam did a great job managing the team and every team communication was straightforward, concise and accurate. We are extremely appreciative to have Time To Sign in our lives."

    School logo image
    • Karen Rogala & Josh Connell, parents of Elijah Connell
    • Penn Quakers | 2019
  • “We are so happy for Kevin as he is thrilled to be able to be in the engineering program at such a great school and play D1 baseball. We so appreciated all Berg and Sam did to make this a possibility for Kevin.”

    School logo image
    • Tim Thomas, father of Kevin Thomas
    • Penn Quakers | 2019
  • “To Time to Sign Staff- This has been an unbelievable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Yes I worked very hard to get to where I am but I would have never thought before I joined the Time to Sign family I would be where I am today. From the bus trips, touring the colleges, all the tournaments, and even just spending time in the hotels, it all was so special. I don't feel as if I was a part of a team....I feel like I was a part of a family. Even though I am going to play college baseball I will always be in the family. This family cannot be broken up. Berg, Sam, and Mark made my experience unforgettable. They taught me that even though there may be some bumps in the road, as long as you keep working hard there will be success. I am very fortunate to have went through this process with such great people. Even though I am happy to move on to college I am sad to see it come to an end. But then again It WILL ALWAYS BE ABOUT THE X!”

    School logo image
    • Jack Galligan
    • Philadelphia Rams | 2020
  • "Our son had a dream...to play baseball when he went to college. Thank you Berg and Time to Sign Sports for helping to make his dream come true. We cannot thank you enough for the perfect match that you made for him. Your patience, understanding, and constant support was unbelievable. We look forward to working with you with our younger son."

    School logo image
    • Mike & Nancy Grasso , parents of Nick Grasso
    • Post University | 2017
  • “An experience of a life time is the best way to explain our journey with Time to Sign Sports. If your son is a baseball player with dreams to play at the next level there is no one better to get the job done. We can’t thank TTSS enough for the opportunities that were given to Alex to do what he loves the best. He now has the chance to play another 4 years of baseball at a great school that fits his career choice of business and sports management. Thank you Sam for giving Alex the college experience both on and off the field as well as becoming a friend to all of us. Alex will never forget those can jamb games at the hotel! You’re a great coach and teacher and taught Alex much more than just baseball. Berg we can’t thank you enough for all your work in getting Alex in front of the right college coaches. The recruiting process is the hardest thing we have gone through with Alex being our first. You told us time after time “to be patient” and let the process work. All the calls and talks helped us get through that process and we couldn’t have done it without you. We wish the TTSS family and all its players the best of luck!!!!!"

    School logo image
    • Bill & Kristi Wright, parents of Alex
    • Post University | 2018
  • "We joined Time to Sign in the spring of 2014. At the time our son, Roberto, was pitching very well for his HS Team. His high school, though a very good school, was not widely-recognized for baseball and so our son was virtually invisible to the College Recruiters. We just didn't realize it. We didn't know enough about the recruiting industry or how to get Rob recruited. We put up a web page with minimal results. We put him into a showcase, also with minimal results. We got a lot of advice from well-meaning friends and family. We heard some interesting promises and tales from people in the industry. Nothing really helped us get Rob where he needed to be - until we met Sam & Berg @ Time to Sign Sports. They came to one of Rob's game's, measured his performance and within hours had helped us understand Rob's potential and the level of school that we could target. They also helped us understand why we were struggling with marketing. Within a few days after that, Time to Sign came to our home and laid out their entire methodology and program including their summer and fall schedule. Their program was more than just a series a games. It was an elevator. It exposed Rob to a wide range of people and collegiate facilities that would never have happened otherwise. He traveled extensively, pitched against more competitive teams and in front of hundreds of recruiters - only this time, thanks to Berg and his team, these recruiters knew who Rob was. Although we could not follow him everywhere, Rob's family did go on several trips with him and came away with awesome memories. Long story short, Rob committed to Post and we have Rob's hard work and Time to Sign to thank. One last thing, this kind of growth experience does not come cheap and I know it wasn't easy for us to generate the funds, but I can tell you that every dollar was worth it. It was not just about college recruitment for us - it was Rob’s journey. We watched our son learn what it means to sacrifice and work hard to achieve your goals. We watched him learn through all the travel and game experiences. We watched him mature right before our eyes… and the moment the offer letter arrived was simply priceless. If you have the means, I enthusiastically recommend the Time to Sign Baseball Program."

    School logo image
    • Roberto Millan, father of Robert Millan, Jr.
    • Post University | 2019
  • “As we found ourselves behind in the college recruiting process, Berg’s commitment, experience, and professionalism gave us the renewed confidence of knowing that our son would be considered by a college baseball program that would meet his academic and athletic requirements. Without delay, Berg went to work and promptly sparked the interest of a number of college coaches. His services were critical in securing a great opportunity for our son to play and compete at the next level. Thank you so much!”

    School logo image
    • Christina DeMatteis, mother of Franco Camacho
    • Presbyterian Blue Hose | 2019
  • "Time to Sign Sports was instrumental in our boys achieving their goal of having an opportunity to play Division 1 baseball. The guidance and advice provided by Berg was right on the mark. Utilizing their deep and widespread contacts that they have with College programs across the country, and coupling that with a tremendous understanding of how 'The Game' is played, they laid out a roadmap of what our family needed to do to garner the interest of the type of programs we were interested in. When you look back and realize that we have twin boys that play predominately the same position, and we did not get started until their senior year, the results are pretty impressive and we consider ourselves very fortunate and thankful for Time to Sign Sports."

    School logo image
    • Guy & Tracy Casacelli, parents of Guy and Glen Casacelli
    • Presbyterian Blue Hose | 2017
  • “Thank you Time to Sign for all that you did for Rachel. Your advice, guidance, and most importantly, your personal care and mentoring through the years has landed her an opportunity to play softball at Princeton University. You've made a lot of dreams come true. My daughter will be an Ivy Leaguer and some of the other girls you worked with are going to schools like North Florida, Florida Gulf Coast, University of Florida, Coastal Carolina, and others. Thanks a million!"

    School logo image
    • Richard Rendina, father of Rachel Rendina
    • Princeton Tigers | 2015
  • "Linda and I would like to express our heartfelt graditude for all that you have done for Christian. We have been involved with baseball with Christian since he was 4 years old and have had many wonderful experiences, but our experience with Time to Sign was special and unique! You built a relationship with us and you made us feel like family. You were there for us 24/7 and made what could have been a stressful and nerve racking process very easy for us. We were tenative at first about signing on, but you did exactly what you said you would do; give our son an opportunity (and options) to continue to play baseball at the college level. You exceeded our expectations in every way! Quinnipiac is the perfect fit for Christian; from baseball to academics to social life. We are going to miss this when it's over next week but at the same time we will always consider ourselves part of the "Time to Sign" family. We also know that we will get to experience this journey again with our son Alex!"

    School logo image
    • Tony & Linda Nicolosi, parents of Christian Nicolosi
    • Quinnipiac Bobcats | 2019
  • "Time To Sign Sports guidance and showcase exposure was instrumental in getting me in front of Coaches/Schools giving me the opportunity to get a quality education while playing college ball."

    School logo image
    • Joe Scaglione
    • Quinnipiac Bobcats | 2016
  • "We were introduced to Time to Sign Sports late in the process by today's standards, which realistically caused us to panic and doubt that Matthew would be able to follow his passion and dream of playing at the next level. After speaking about Matthew's goals and expectations, my wife and I had hope again. The thing that stood out to us through this process was how much Time to Sign and Berg cared about our son's future. They were never pushy as to specific schools and worked with us to determine the best fit, first academically and then for baseball. It was truly genuine. They were wonderful advocates and guided us through the process, and short of having a couch, they provided a bit of therapy. There was a lot of work done on our behalf, and by us as well, and it was all done in a methodical, thought out process. We felt part of their family."

    School logo image
    • Brian & Catherine Schwartz, parents of Matthew Schwartz
    • Rhodes Lynx | 2016
  • "We were very fortunate to have Time to Sign Sports take an interest in our son. Berg was incredibly instrumental in helping our son achieve his goal of playing Division 1 baseball. They provided guidance and exposure for our son that led him to receive an incredible offer and acceptance in less than two weeks from the University of Richmond. The results exceeded our imagination. We would not have been able to accomplish this without their help. We are extremely grateful."

    School logo image
    • Ron & Karen Moore, parents of Zachary Moore
    • Richmond Spiders | 2017
  • "The team at Time to Sign turned my dream of playing Division 1 baseball into a reality. Berg Ohanian was the driving force into helping me pick a school that was an academic and an athletic fit. He worked tirelessly, through emails and phone calls with college coaches to make sure that I was going to be happy and comfortable in my surroundings. Berg got to know me and my family and we were in constant communication until we found a school together. Sam and Mark took me under their wing by letting me play for them, train with them and gave me very helpful advice about how it is to play at a Division 1 level. They made themselves available to me at anytime and I could reach out to them with any questions or concerns. I consider the Time to Sign team a part of my family and I look forward to having a lasting relationship with them. I would DEFINITELY recommend the Time to Sign team to help turn a dream into a reality!"

    School logo image
    • Anthony Greco
    • Rutgers Scarlet Knights | 2020
  • "What can I say? Everything about dealing with Berg at Time to Sign was perfect. Not only are these guys good at what they do, but they are genuinely caring, nice guys, which is often hard to find in the college baseball recruiting world. From the first conversation to Corey's committing to Rutgers, everything was handled in a warm yet extremely professional manner. Their showcase was the best run event Corey has attended. I would highly recommend Time to Sign to any prospective college baseball player. Their knowledge, involvement and overall professionalism make for the perfect advocate any recruit could use. Thanks for everything, and we look forward to continuing the relationship during Corey's years in college."

    School logo image
    • Adam Lerche, father of Corey Lerche
    • Rutgers Scarlet Knights | 2016
  • "Our son had a strong summer this year and was fortunate to get a lot of attention and interest. With that said, we still needed help to navigate through the recruiting process and reached out to Berg, who we have known for many years as a reputable person in the baseball industry. We decided to attend a Time To Sign Sports Showcase, and simply put, it was a who's who of colleges in attendance. Their relationships with the coaches was unbelievable, and Joseph was able to get the exposure he needed, and eventually commit to San Jacinto. We are glad that we had Time To Sign Sports in our corner to help us sort through everything to make an informed decision. Anyone seriously thinking of playing ball in college MUST involve these guys. Thank you Berg and Time to Sign Sports! Keep doing what you do!"

    School logo image
    • Lorraine & Joe Palumbo, parents of Joseph Palumbo
    • San Jacinto Ravens | 2017
  • “The college baseball recruiting process is a maze. You guys were great at helping us navigate through it all and made what could have been a nightmare a dream come true for our son. Joe’s decision to sign his NLI with St. John’s University was made so much easier by knowing we had your support. You really made Joe and our family feel like we were your most important clients. Thanks again.”

    School logo image
    • Jeanine Christopher, mother of Joe Christopher
    • St. John’s Red Storm | 2015
  • “Our son put academics first, but wanted to play baseball as well. Through the TTS contacts, he was able to make that connection. We couldn't be happier!”

    School logo image
    • Jay & Elaine Hamill, parents of John Hamill
    • Stevens Institute of Technology | 2020
  • "Thank you for everything you've done for me! Thank you for always being the man I could turn to. Throughout my time with Time to Sign Sports, I can say that I always felt the goal of Berg was to look out for my best interests. They put their full time and effort into getting me the right fit. I told Berg I would like to go to a JC near Auburn and sure enough...I am now playing ball and going to school at Southern Union on a full scholarship! Time to Sign will go the extra mile because Berg and staff will always do their best to get you to the next level...at the right school."

    School logo image
    • Mark Babrick
    • South Alabama Jaguars | 2015
  • "Just a quick note to express our gratitude for all you have done...amazing it is almost 2 years since we met in Florida...the unique thing you guys do is you understand that each player is on their own path through the process. TTSS has the unique ability to gather a group of young players on different paths and have them come together cohesively as a team but perform individually to showcase their talents at the right time. As much as I like to consider myself educated in the recruiting process I was lost when it became real for Dillon...thanks for guiding us as while I drove you crazy with questions...I knew you were doing your job when I asked a recruiter " do you know Berg from Time To Sign?"..." sure, total pain in my a** but we always know where his players are, when they are playing and how they are doing if I am not there!" " He actually makes our job easier" That's when I knew we were in the right spot...Thanks again for all your support and guidance!! "

    School logo image
    • Joe & Maria Lifrieri, parents of Dillon Lifrieri
    • South Carolina Gamecocks | 2018
  • "Working with the Time to Sign made the recruiting process so much easier. Not only was Mike able to work closely with and hear from top coaches around the country what they expect from players on the field and in the classroom, but he toured campuses, got a feel for what he wanted from a college, had numerous offers and was able to find the best fit for him academically and on the field at Southeastern University! Thanks for a great experience Berg and Sam!"

    School logo image
    • Donna & Chip Chiapperino, parents of Mike Chiapperino
    • Southeastern (FL) University | 2019
  • "I want to take a moment to thank Berg and Time to Sign Sports for all the time you spent working with Brian and my family over the past year. We had no idea how the recruiting process worked, but with your expertise, you were able to keep us calm and reassured. Our family is very excited to know that Brian can spend his entire senior year knowing he is going to college and can concentrate on his grades. I cannot forget to thank Sam Sharf, who has been there over the past two years keeping us moving in the right direction when it came to the recruiting process. Again, Brian and my family cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help get Brian into college!! I would recommend Time to Sign Sports to anyone who has a son who has aspirations to play college baseball."

    School logo image
    • John & Cheryl Rotella, parents of Brian Rotella
    • Southern New Hampshire Penmen | 2018
  • "We can not say enough good things about Time To Sign. Without Berg's guidance, my son Austin would not have the college opportunity he has now. I know Berg put all his experience and expertise in finding the right fit for my son. Thanks again for everything!"

    School logo image
    • Andy & Diana Teitelbaum, parents of Austin
    • Southern Vermont Mountaineers | 2018
  • Working with the guys from Time to Sign was easy, as some times I would panic they always assured me things will work out and they did! They always had the best interest of every player. Thank you. Hewitt family.

    School logo image
    • Kyle & Janet Hewitt, parents of Kyle Hewitt
    • Southern Vermont Mountaineers | 2021
  • "We owe a world of gratitude to Berg Ohanian and his staff. Through his contacts, advice, travel teams and total dedication my sons dreams did come true. There are numerous companies which claim to help scholar athletes but the difference with TTSS is that they really are concerned and care for their clients. Whatever they said they would try to do they accomplished thru out the entire process. I really do not know what I would have done without Berg and feel he is a true friend for life."

    School logo image
    • Darlene & Wayne Baldino, parents of Domenic Baldino
    • Stetson Hatters | 2019
  • "Thanks Berg and Time to Sign for your assistance with the recruiting process. Your connections and relationships with college recruiters and our son's high school and travel ball coaches ensured that he was showcased effectively. We can't imagine how we would have accomplished this without your never-ending energy, tenacity, and devotion. Our family will be forever grateful to you both for helping fulfill Kevin's dream to play college baseball at Stetson."

    School logo image
    • Shawn & Jackie Fagan, parents of Kevin Fagan
    • Stetson Hatters | 2016
  • "When my son Sean told us that he wanted to play baseball in college, we did not know where to start. We heard a lot of feedback on what you 'should' do to make it happen, but there never seemed to be a logical approach. We were inundated with emails requesting his attendance at baseball showcases and college camps all over the country. We soon came to find out that we needed help. Time to Sign Sports provided my son and our family guidance through a process that was focused on both his athletic and strong academic abilities. They understood the parental and student concerns throughout the process since they recently went through it with their own sons. Time to Sign Sports helped open doors at schools that were a fit. Our money was spent wisely instead of tossing it into the wind which is how we felt before signing on with them. Berg took a real world approach to our situation that made sense. I genuinely feel these doors would not have been opened without their many reputable contacts who respect their opinion. Multiple coaches opened conversations with us stating 'Berg thinks very highly of your son' or 'Berg thinks your son will be a good fit for our program'. Ultimately, your student athlete has to perform and convey their own message of success to the coach that’s in the recruiting seat. That is life and what will determine their own success in their future. Having the opportunity to be in the position to do so was presented by a partnership with Time to Sign that helped make it happen!"

    School logo image
    • Angela Kuchta-Rodriguez, mother of Sean Kuchta
    • Trinity Bantam | 2017
  • "Matching a student athlete with the right college is a challenging process. I have often referred to Time to Sign and Berg as the “sherpas” guiding the way. They really made the effort to get to know our son as more than just a ball player and we could not be more pleased with the result of the process. Berg and Time to Sign are the best! "

    School logo image
    • Lia & Chip Toth, parents of Matthew Toth
    • Trinity Bantam | 2018
  • "My name is Sebastean Gonzalez-Johnson and I am blessed with the opportunity to play baseball at Tufts University. I live with my single mother and little sister, although at times finances were tight, I have never missed an opportunity to play or be seen. My personal mentor Doug Jennings as well as the sponsorship and showcases of Time to Sign, allowed me the opportunity to extend my career into the collegiate level after only one showcase. I wanted to personally thank Coach Jennings and Mr. Berg Ohanian for that opportunity in which I was exposed to over thirty schools. The hard work that I have put on the field and in the classroom all these years have paid off!"

    School logo image
    • Sebastean Gonzalez-Johnson
    • Tufts Jumbos | 2018
  • "Casey joined Time to Sign Sports in late August of his HS Senior Year. Berg Ohanian guided Casey and taught him how to email and talk to college coaches. Berg patiently listened to Casey's definition of a dream college--a school with good combination of baseball and academics. He provided Casey with a diverse list of colleges ranging from top D1 baseball programs to Ivy League institutions and highly ranked liberal arts colleges etc. Casey played in showcase tournaments with Time to Sign Sports also led by Coach Sam Sharf and Coach Charlie Goens. Shortly after, Casey suddenly got numerous calls to visit various colleges. Casey committed to Tufts University in October. All in all, the recruitment process, which we had been working on for 3 years was shortened by Berg Ohanian to 6 weeks!"

    School logo image
    • Carlo & Joanna Santos-Ocampo, parents of Casey Santos-Ocampo
    • Tufts Jumbos | 2019
  • "I have been in the advisory business part time for the past five years helping kids with their college dream...but when it came to my son Michael, I hit a dead end. Berg, who I would call a real friend, came to the rescue. He found the perfect fit for my son in a very short period of time. I am gratefull for life to Berg and the staff. Time to Sign Sports is #1."

    School logo image
    • Nancy & Joaquin Gomez, parents of Michael Gomez
    • UMBC Retrievers | 2016
  • "This was our family's second time around the recruiting process and each was very different. It's a complicated process filled with many highs and lows along the way. Berg has seen it all and they were able to guide our famiily through the process and call the necessary 'audibles' when needed every step of the way. Throughout the process, they were unwavering in their commitment and insistence in achieving the right fit for our son: academically, athletically, and socially." The Casali's highly recommend Time to Sign Sports to any family with a student-athlete who aspires to play college sports."

    School logo image
    • Cathy & Lou Casali, parents of Andrew Casali
    • UMBC Retrievers | 2017
  • "The marriage of Berg's expertise and professionalism, and my son's ability, was the reason he was able to realize his dreams of playing Division I baseball at UMBC. Berg has the relationships with college coaches and recruiters, that opened the door for my son to be evaluated, as a student and as baseball player. We owe a great amount of gratitude for all the hard work of Berg and Time to Sign Sports, as my son Jared, is going to be attending college in the fall on a Division I Baseball Scholarship."

    School logo image
    • Denise Graziano, mother of Jared Graziano
    • UMBC Retrievers | 2015
  • "I cannot express my gratitude for all you and your organization have done to help my son not only find a place to continue playing baseball, but more importantly, a college that fits him and the type of student he is and a place which will shape the rest of his life. More times than not, we are consumed with the 'baseball' part and miss the part which really counts, the education and college life. Finding a place that suits a student's baseball and educational needs, as well as his personality, is not an easy task, and yet Time to Sign Sports not only accomplished everything we were looking for, but did it in a period of time which borders on miraculous. We have been with other organizations and have seen first hand what people who don't care and who seem to tell everyone exactly what they want to hear can get away with it. Let's face it, every parent wants to hear their son is going to be the next Derek Jeter, and their are many people and organzations out there who take complete advantage of this, telling everyone what they want to hear and in the end, the last person anyone considers or cares about is the student himself and his future. Time to Sign is different, and hats off to you guys, you know what it is truly about, finding the right fit, finding a place where the student can excel, become a better person, and have some fun in the process. It is far easier to exceed expectations and reach your goals when your are in the right place. Once again thanks for everything, and please feel free to give my number or email to anyone who wants to hear first hand what a great organization you operate."

    School logo image
    • Michael LoBrace, father of Anthony LoBrace
    • Union Dutchmen | 2016
  • "Thank you very much. I am excited for the opportunities that await me at Union. Thank you guys very much for helping me through the recruiting process and always believing in me. What Time to Sign Sports does is truly great and I am so thankful for having you guys in my corner. I would absolutely recommend Berg, Sam, and Time to Sign Sports to anyone that I know who is looking to play college baseball."

    School logo image
    • Anthony DeSantis
    • Union Dutchmen | 2018
  • "Thank you! Though our journey with Time To Sign Sports was short, Alex ended up with a result he is very happy with. You put him in the right places at the right times. His commitment to Union College is just the next chapter of his life and we are very proud of him. The journey is by no means easy to navigate but made easier with your help and support."

    School logo image
    • Jennifer & Nate Shakibai, parents of Alex Shakibai
    • Union Dutchmen | 2021
  • "Recently, I signed a Letter of Intent with USCB (University South Carolina Beaufort) all thanks to Time To Sign Sports. Had it not been for Time to Sign's time, effort and diligence in getting my name out to the various schools I had an interest in, I don't think I would have received the many offers and opportunities afforded to me. Being showcased in front of some of the best baseball programs and their coaches made a huge difference for me. Time to Sign Sports looked for schools with strong baseball programs and that took my academic major into consideration. They called many schools on my behalf and I received five different offers. Their established connections are many and far reaching. Thank you so very much for helping me find the perfect college that is going to give me an opportunity to continue playing the game that I love while continuing my education and furthering my degree. You've taken a huge burden off my shoulders and for that, I am grateful."

    School logo image
    • Alex Bonilla
    • USC-Beaufort (USCB) Sand Sharks | 2014
  • "When we began working with Time to Sign Sports, we were fortunate that our son, Jake, already had a couple of offers to play ball in college. The advice and counsel we received from Berg helped in our decision process. Their first class and highly recruited exposure events offered our son a stage to showcase his skills to so many schools. Because of the Time to Sign Sports workout we attended, the interest level and the offers Jake received was almost overwhelming. In the end, with Berg and the entire Time to Sign Sports team on our side, we were able to weigh all the pros and cons and help our son make the most important decision of his life. Go Wildcats. Thanks guys!"

    School logo image
    • John & Donna Kellman, parents of Jake Kellman
    • Villanova Wildcats | 2017
  • "I got introduced to TTS and Berg after my son had already received his first D1 offer with a few more expected to come. Naturally, I debated whether another investment made sense since we all know how financially draining travel ball is. Choosing to move forward with Berg and his team proved to be one of the best decisions I made throughout this crazy process. After my first conversation with Berg, I could easily notice the passion for what he does and his connections with college coaches. I appreciated his honestly with both myself and my son throughout the process regarding where he felt he may succeed as well as what coaches thought about his performance and projectability. As our process progressed together, business was still business but there was an obvious friendship between us. In the end, my son Zach received many more D1 offers, from different conferences, different financial packages, many from schools that were not even on our radar. Zach choose the best college for him that checked as many boxes off his list. Berg accomplished more in 4 months than any travel organization has for my son since his journey began at 7 years old.”

    School logo image
    • Scott Kokoska, father of Zach Kokoska
    • Virginia Tech Hokies | 2021
  • "Amazing on how fast everything transpired. It happened so fast, that without the two of you guiding us through the process and helping us understand what it's all about, we would have never been able to help Chris through it.....Debbie and I would like to thank you for doing exactly what you said you would do. Christopher couldn't be happier! You found the right fit for our son, and taught us that sometimes we need help from others... so that we may be able help our own! Thanks for being such good friends...and not being all business!"

    School logo image
    • Debbie & Lloyd Monaco, parents of Christopher Monaco
    • Virginia Tech Hokies | 2018
  • "I just want to thank Berg and the TTS team for all their dedication and hard work they have done both on and off the baseball field for our son, Michael. With the help of such a professional staff, Sam, Mark, Berg and his team, Michael has been given the chance to play Division I baseball at Wagner College. The TTS family welcomed us in, took care of our son, and helped expose him to multiple college coaches at the best tournaments. Without the help of everyone at the TTS team, Michael would not be where he is today. Our experience with this program was so positive that we have no regrets. I would recommend everyone to join this program just as we did! Thank you again for all your tremendous efforts and we are forever grateful! Go Seahawks!!!"

    School logo image
    • Michael and Melissa Ruggiero, parents of Mike Ruggiero
    • Wagner College Seahawks | 2021
  • "Our experience with Time to Sign Sports started 3 years ago. Berg and Sam provided great insight, honesty and a well laid out strategy of Chase's recruiting process. Their priorities were always in the right place - academics first combined with a pragmatic baseball developmental plan. Berg showed a commitment and belief in Chase that we will always be indebted to him. Berg's passion, work ethic and experience within the recruiting process is spot on. The combination of Berg and Sam's skills and guidance was a great fit. Berg and Sam's dedication and honesty throughout the process was never less than a 100%. Berg treated, guided and supported Chase like his own son. Chase is very honored and excited about his commitment to play at Wake Forest. Time to Sign Sports was a key component in providing this great opportunity. I am pleased to have my 2nd son Reed join the TTS team and my 3rd son Cole is not far away. Sam and Berg have already started the process. Berg ....... A special thank you for who you are and your commitment to provide a correct recruiting and life changing experience for Chase."

    School logo image
    • Heidi & Ed Mascolo, parents of Chase Mascolo
    • Wake Forest Demon Deacons | 2020
  • "I want to thank Berg and everyone with the Time to Sign Sports team for everything that you have done for Mike Jr. and our family! Simply stated, you delivered what you promised and your counsel / calming approach was very much needed. Our parameters were rigid, academics first, then baseball. Your team worked to put those top tier academic institutions in front of Mike and we are extremely happy about the outsomce. Mike had several solid offers and we are delighted about his opportunity to be a student-athlete at Wesleyan University. Once again, many thanks and best wishes to all of you."

    School logo image
    • Lori & Mike Velasco, parents of Michael Velasco
    • Wesleyan Cardinals | 2018
  • "Genuine! After we had unsuccessfully meandered through the recruiting process on our own, Berg took over and led us to the finish line with their tireless efforts and 24/7 communication. They treated Peter like he was their own son! First they assisted in forming a list of schools that were an academic fit for our 'student-athlete.' Later, they navigated us through the recruiting, the campus visit, and even the college application process. Time to Sign helped to make our son's dream a possibility. Thank you for the personal attention and professionalism."

    School logo image
    • Maggie & Norm Rantz, parents of Peter Rantz
    • Wesleyan Cardinals | 2016
  • The Peiffer family would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Time to Sign Sports for all they’ve done to assist us through the baseball recruiting process. We couldn’t have done it without you guys! We had no idea how to manage Dylan’s dream of playing baseball at the college level and how to make it a reality. Choosing a college without adding the baseball component is difficult enough! TTSS and Berg have developed relationships and have a very good reputation with numerous college coaches. Coaches couldn't say enough about Berg and the TTSS program. The system they have designed works! Dylan had several options and found his best fit because of the TTSS staff. He is ecstatic to be attending Widener University and getting started with their baseball program this fall. We consider Berg, Sam, Mark and the entire Time to Sign Sports staff part of our extended family. Dylan feels he learned even more about positive motivation and how to develop team chemistry from the staff which is a valuable skill in the game of baseball. Dylan constantly refers to his TTSS team and how much he loved playing with and traveling with the team. He really misses everyone. He’s had a passion for playing baseball his entire life and this is by far his most enjoyable baseball experience. The Peiffer family highly recommends this program to anyone interested in playing college baseball at the next level. Best Wishes to our Time to Sign family and friends.

    School logo image
    • Geri & Bud Peiffer, parents of Dylan Peiffer
    • Widener Pride | 2020
  • "My name is Ed Taylor. My wife Mary and I, noticed long ago that our son, Brennan had a proclivity towards baseball. More than likely, you came to the same conclusion with your son. Brennan played several years for renowned AAU team in South Jersey. He enjoyed his time there, as we did. They provided him with baseball knowledge and he did play baseball at a higher level than we could have provided him locally. As Brennan got older plans for college became more imminent. As I said, his AAU team provided him with great baseball experiences but, one thing they did not provide was exposure to college coaches. His junior year was upcoming and we knew we had to make a change . In the summer of 2013, I received an email from Time to Sign about a camp they were going to hold in September. I am sure your son receives dozens of invites to camps and showcases. The name of the program ; "Time to Sign" intrigued me. Given our state of desperation; due to the fact that we were not getting any assistance from avenues that we had previously put our faith in . I took him up to a Time to Sign camp in Saddle River, New Jersey and immediately Brennan was on the radar with 3 colleges. Berg and Sam stayed in touch with us, and more importantly, with Brennan throughout the year. We were so impressed with their approach, and so hopeful that they could help, that we signed Brennan up to tour with Time to sign in the summer of 2014 . By the end of it he had a minimum of 10 colleges bidding for him. We went from being beggars to choosers. We went from; "will he play in college" to; "where will he play in college ". My wife and I were actually able to make several of the games. One thing that came quite apparent was that Berg did not have to seek out coaches. They came to him! Berg knows everyone and everyone knows Berg . Our son will be playing for Widener for the next four years. Berg, Sam and the rest of the Time to Sign staff were instrumental in that."

    School logo image
    • Mary & Ed Taylor, parents of Brennan Taylor
    • Widener Pride | 2019
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At Time to Sign we strive to bring our student-athletes the best opportunities possible. On the field, we have partnered with Under Armour in order to give our team the highest quality uniforms, apparel, and equipment possible.

"If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good." - Deion Sanders

The process of becoming a college baseball player is a year-round commitment. We strongly encourage our student-athletes to train in the weight room, in the batting cage, and on the field on a consistent basis. To support them in their goal to reach the top, Time to Sign has partnered with Cressey Sports Performance (CSP), the leading consultant in the baseball community when it comes to strength and conditioning. Eric Cressey and his team at CSP are known for their success in improving throwing velocity, bat speed, and sprinting speed while reducing injury rates. The staff understands the specialized demands of playing baseball, and accommodates those needs with unique and versatile equipment that is used in their custom workouts. Eric and his team are a great resource for our student-athletes, as well as collegiate athletes and professional ballplayers across the country.

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